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Work through your past experiences
Learn to communicate with others
Rekindle your passions
Find emotional support
Recover from your trauma and loss
Break free of addictive relationships and emotional burdens
Overcome social fears
Live with your feelings
Achieve inner peace and harmony
Understand yourself, your desires and goals
Cope with a life crisis
Love and accept yourself
Create healthy boundaries with others
Rebuild relationships
Learn a positive mindset
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our guarantees
Why primetherapist is the most sought after online therapy platform
Vetted counselors
All of our therapists are background-checked, licensed, trained, and have more than 2,500 hours of hands-on clinical experience.
Therapy on your schedule
Enjoy unlimited text messaging and scheduled video consultations with your therapist from the individual room, open 24/7.
Confidential platform
All communication is private and takes place on the platform so you can say anything to your therapist, and it will remain in the room.
Comfortable prices
Our prices are lower than the competition because we aim to make high-quality therapy available to all, including people on a budget.
Free therapist switching
You can change your therapist anytime at no extra cost if you feel like you don’t fit well with them or want to hear another viewpoint.
Quick customer support
Our friendly support agents are here 24/7 to help you and answer any questions you might have within just several minutes.
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Success stories
What some of our users say about their experience with us
My progress was great in just 2 weeks. Finally, I am starting to turn into a better version of myself.
Joined 2 weeks ago
My counselor is very professional and genuinely caring. She always helps when I need support.
Thomas W.
Joined 4 days ago
primetherapist has opened a new world of self-exploration for me. Having someone to chat with at any time during the week helps me deal with complex life situations right when I need it.
Joined 1 week ago
I like that my counselor always gives me new perspectives on my issues. I learn something new about myself almost every day.
Joined 2 months ago
Even better than in-person therapy for me. I love the flexibility and how my counselor is always willing to help me grow.
Sandra P.
Joined 1 month ago
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Find answers to the most common questions we get asked
  • Is your platform right for me?
    primetherapist is an ideal solution if you're looking to sort out your feelings, find energy and strength to change what can be changed and accept what cannot be changed, open up more opportunities for self-development, relationships with others, realizing your needs, etc.
    However, our platform is not right for you in the following cases:
    - You have an emergency and need immediate help.
    - You think about hurting yourself or anybody else.
    - A person you know is in danger.
    - You are a child or a young person who is being looked after.
    - You have a severe mental health illness or require psychiatric care in a secure setting.
    - You don't have a good internet connection.
    - You've been ordered to undergo mental therapy by a court.
    - You are looking for a therapist who can prescribe medication.
  • How long does it take to get connected to a therapist?
    You'll be connected to a therapist from a few hours to a few days, depending on their availability and your preferences.
  • How often do therapists respond?
    Usually, our therapists respond 1-3 times a day in chat. If you need faster responses, the best option is to schedule a video call.
  • How much does counseling cost?
    We offer three pricing plans ranging from $53 to $89 a week. The first plan includes guaranteed daily responses from your personal therapist and unlimited text messaging while the second gives you a possibility to set up a free 1-hour live chat or video session a week, and the third gives access to unlimited live sessions.
    Your membership can be canceled anytime with no fees.
  • Who are your therapists?
    At primetherapist, we have a huge nationwide pool of family and marriage therapists, professional counselors, and accredited psychologists who hold either an MA or a Ph.D. degree in their respective fields and have more than 2,500 hours of hands-on clinical experience. All of them are qualified by their state's board, fully licensed, background-checked, and trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or other approaches.
    On our platform, you'll never be connected to an intern or a partially licensed therapist and always get an unbiased perspective on your life's situation.

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